BlandCo Contemporary Dishwasher

I did a dishwasher that matching with BlandCo Contemporary Counter. It´s less noticeable than the original dishwasher, which I really like. There are 2 versions. The first one perfectly matching with the counter, but unfortunately the doors are not animated. It´s because when I changed the shader to the “counter one” the animation no longer working. Nothing I can do with this at this time :/ The second one have animated doors, but the colors are not matching. You can have them both in game if you want. I prefer the first one, because of the colors. Let me know, which one you like the best. I´m asking because I´m working on more dishwashers like this one. And don´t forget to have your game updated to version or above.

DOWNLOAD v1 Non-animated: mediafire / dropbox

DOWNLOAD v2 Animated: mediafire / dropbox


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