Contrast Bedroom

I converted another lovely set by LivingDeadGirl. I did a few add-ons and a lot of recolors. All furniture comes in 20 colors, lamps comes in 5 colors. As always you will need “Mattresses for Bed Frames”, which you can get here.

  • Bed Frame Single – comfort/beds
  • Bed Frame Double – comfort/beds
  • Nightstand – surfaces/accent tables
  • Dresser 1×1 – storage/dressers
  • Dresser 2×1 – storage/dressers
  • Desk 2×1 (add-on by me) – surfaces/desks
  • Desk with Drawers – surfaces/desks
  • Desk 1×1 (add-on by me) – surfaces/desks
  • Table Lamp – lighting/table lamps
  • Floor Lamp v1 (add-on by me) – lighting/floor lamps
  • Floor Lamp v2 (add-on by me) – lighting/floor lamps
  • Print – decorations/paintings
  • Prints – decorations/paintings

credits: LivingDeadGirl (meshes)

DOWNLOAD: mediafire / dropbox


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