Future Kitchen

I converted another kitchen, this time from TS3 Into the Future. I did a bunch of missing meshes and recolors. You have to disable “The Automatic Counter Placement” to use all parts of the counters/counter island/cabinets/counter cover strip. You can type “future” in the search bar in game. Enjoy =D

  • Counter A – surfaces/counters
  • Counter B (add-on by me) – surfaces/counters
  • Counter Island – surfaces/counters
  • Cabinet A – surfaces/cabinets
  • Cabinet B – surfaces/cabinets
  • Sink – plumbing/sinks
  • Bar (add-on by me) – activities and skills/misc
  • Counter Cover Strip (add-on by me) – surfaces/cabinets

DOWNLOAD: mediafire / mega


One thought on “Future Kitchen

  1. que es lo que esta pasando con las encimeras que en todos lados no deja… me sale un mensaje de error de llamada scripts porfavor podéis arreglar ese problema gracias


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