Vanadium Kitchen

I converted wondymoon’s Vanadium Kitchen from TS3, which was requested some time ago. I also did a couple of mesh edits, add-ons & colors. You have to disable “The Automatic Counter Placement” to use all parts of the counters/counter island/cabinet/counter cover strip. Counters, island, cabinet and bar comes in 24 colors, refrigerator, stove, range hood and sink comes in 12 colors.

  • Counter A (add-on by me) – surfaces/counters
  • Counter B – surfaces/counters
  • Counter Island (add-on by me) – surfaces/counters
  • Cabinet (add-on by me) – surfaces/cabinets
  • Counter Cover Strip (add-on by me) – surfaces/cabinets
  • Bar (add-on by me) – activities and skills/misc
  • Refrigerator – appliances/refrigerators
  • Stove (mesh edit by me) – appliances/stoves
  • Range Hood (mesh edit by me) – appliances/stoves
  • Sink (mesh edit by me) – plumbing/sinks

credits: wondymoon (meshes)

DOWNLOAD: mediafire

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