New Vintage Kitchen

New Vintage Kitchen

Today I bring you a conversion of beautiful kitchen originally made by Gosik. You have to disable “The Automatic Counter Placement” to use all parts of the counter/counter island/cabinet. You can get appliances for this set here.

  • Counter A – surfaces/counters
  • Counter B – surfaces/counters
  • Counter Island – surfaces/counters
  • Cabinet – surfaces/cabinets
  • Cabinet Decor R+L – surfaces/cabinets
  • Sink – plumbing/sinks
  • Cupboard – surfaces/displays
  • Cupboard Narrow – surfaces/displays
  • Bar Stool – comfort/misc
  • Daisies – decorations/plants
  • Small Pasta Jars – appliances/misc
  • Large Pasta Jars – appliances/misc
  • Utensils – appliances/misc
  • Salad Dish – deco/sculptures
  • Vase – deco/sculptures

credits: Gosik (meshes)

DOWNLOAD: mediafire / mega


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