IKEA Inspired MÄRSTA Kitchen

IKEA Inspired MÄRSTA Kitchen

I have another kitchen for you =D Everything is meshed from a scratch by me. You have to disable “The Automatic Counter Placement” to use all parts of the cabinet and counters (not all parts are pictured). Enjoy =)

  • MÄRSTA Counter v1 – surfaces/counters
  • MÄRSTA Counter v2 – surfaces/counters
  • MÄRSTA Counter v3 – surfaces/counters
  • MÄRSTA Shell for Oven/Dishvasher – surfaces/counters
  • MÄRSTA Cabinet – surfaces/cabinets
  • MÄRSTA Dishvasher – appliances/large appliances
  • REALISTISK Oven – appliances/stoves
  • MOLNIGT Cooker Hood – appliances/stoves
  • NUTID S25 Refrigerator – appliances/refrigerators
  • HÄLLVIKEN Sink – plumbing/sinks

DOWNLOAD: mediafire / mega


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