Sea Breeze Living Room






Sea Breeze Living Room

Here is my brand new set inspired by beach houses. Everything is meshed from a scratch by me. I´m happy that I figured out how to make l-shaped sofas, because I really wanted one for a long time. I hope you enjoy as I do =)

  • Arm Chair – comfort/living chairs
  • Loveseat – comfort/loveseats
  • Sofa – comfort/sofas
  • Sofa L Shaped – comfort/sofas
  • Arm Chair Pillows – comfort/misc
  • Loveseat Pillows – comfort/misc
  • Sofa Pillows – comfort/misc
  • Sofa L Shaped Pillows – comfort/misc
  • End Table – surfaces/accent tables
  • Coffee Table – surfaces/coffee tables
  • Table Lamp – lighting/table lamps
  • Flower – deco/plants
  • Deco Bottles – deco/sculptures
  • Tray – deco/clutter

DOWNLOAD: mediafire / mega


One thought on “Sea Breeze Living Room

  1. The “L” shaped couch and the love seat don’t work for me! 😦 It says “Script Call Failed” every time i try to buy it


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