IKEA HEMNES Bedroom & Mattresses for Bed Frames

Hi. Here are more items from TS2 IKEA Home Stuff. I was upset there is only one recolorable subset in TS4, so I decided to separate a mattress and a bed frame, and now I can have as many combinations as I want. Bed frames have 20 recolors and mattresses have 32 recolors, so there are 640 color combinations in this set. I hope you find them useful. =)

The mattresses gives energy 10, stress relief 10 and discomfort relief 10.

  • IKEA HEMNES Bed Frame Single – comfort/beds
  • IKEA HEMNES Bed Frame Double – comfort/beds
  • IKEA HEMNES Bedside Table – surfaces/accent tables
  • IKEA HEMNES Bedside Table Round – surfaces/accent tables
  • IKEA HEMNES Chest of 3 Drawers – storage/dressers
  • IKEA HEMNES Chest of 6 Drawers – storage/dressers
  • Mattress for Double Bed V2 – comfort/beds
  • Mattress for Single Bed V2 – comfort/beds

DOWNLOAD IKEA HEMNES Bedroom: dropbox / mega

DOWNLOAD Mattresses for Bed Frames V2: dropbox / mega


8 thoughts on “IKEA HEMNES Bedroom & Mattresses for Bed Frames

  1. Downloaded and they dont show up in my custom contents folder when i start up the game which means they dont appear in game. Help please


  2. whenever i try to download it when it goes to adf.ly it NEVER LOADS CORRECTLY and i came to download this so one of my cc’s would work but i cant even download it and im crying and dying on a inside, it’s not that i don’t want you to earn revenue it’s just that it’s annoying af when you wanna download something and it just doesnt work


    1. You have to open the link in a new window, disable your adblocker, and just keep skipping ads and refreshing it a few times before it takes you to the dropbox. That’s what worked for me at least, I had the same problem.


  3. The double mattress wont work in my game. Anyone else having this problem? Everything else is working fine!


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